1. G

    Hi from France

    Hi all ! I am an amateur photographer from France interested in improving his skills in Photoshop ! Looking forward to chat with all you guys, my english isn't flawless but I'll try to do my best to be understandable ! Cheers ! Gzser
  2. R

    new member form south of France

    Hi everyone, I'm ReM, 38, french photographer I'm from Perpignan - south of France and I found the forum this morning. I'm very happy to post here. See you
  3. F


    No this is not Atlantis, it's the Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France after the recent floods cc welcome
  4. Burned Ice

    going on holiday to france 2 weeks

    hey guys, i wont be online for 2 weeks 'cause i'm going on vacation to the middle of nowhere in france to observe stars (no i can't take a hd camera with me), sadly enough, i haven't been active recently due to the divorcement of my parents (is going on for 2 years now), my mom has got...
  5. B


    Hello all of you !!! I am David, 26 from France !! I live in the north east, next to belgium. I am a begginer in the art of photography, but I am welling to improve myself quickly :) I need to learn how to use correctly photoshop to Modified some of my photo to create effects on them. I...