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    is my laptop performing as it should

    hello all i'm new to this forum i have a question about my new laptop my cpu is working full out during 3d rendering and my GPU apperntly not, so my quetion is is my performance normal or not it has the following specs win 10 home i7 7700hq 2.8 - 3.8 ghz 16 gb ram gtx 1060 with 6 GB...
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    Tablet for Photoshop use?

    Friends, i am going to buy a tablet and i need to use photoshop on it. Not some deep work, just corrections and so on for social media stuff. My two ideas are Acer Aspire Switchh 10v (4core 1.84 GHz 2GB RAM) or :Lenovo Ideapad miix 310.(4core 1.44 GHz 4GB RAM). According to what i read in...