1. K

    Clout Man

    Is there any way you could take the main guy in this picture (the one wearing glasses and looking stylish), and put him onto a white background? Thank you!
  2. nubians

    Please close the gap between her front teeth..

    I'd like this image for a personal blog about different types of human faces and appearances. I would ask if you could please close or at least lessen the gap between her front teeth. If possible, could you also try to remove her glasses? It's not a priority but I would be very grateful if it...
  3. S

    Help with "Sin city"effect in glasses and bible

    I wondered if anyone here knows how to make the effect on the glasses of kevin and the cross in the bible, from the movie Sin city Hello people, I was wondering if anyone here knows how to make the effect on the glasses fo kevin and the cross in the bible, from the movie "Sin city" like the...
  4. A

    How do I hold glasses in mid air?

    Hello all, I am somewhat new to studio photography, and have a question I have not been able to figure out... I hope someone here can help. I am trying to find out how photographers prop up things (like glasses) in mid air for a shoot? I know a lot of times people use fishing line, and stuff...
  5. A

    Can anyone help photoshop someone into a seat.

    Can someone help photoshop the guy with glasses into the window seat of this train? Thanks.
  6. B

    Frame Animation Help

    Hi, I am beginning to work with frame animation and my idea is to have two glasses come together one from the right and one from the left side), collide, and break. Do not know how to make the glasses collide into each other.... Thank you for your help.
  7. L

    Need help, please remove the champagne glasses out of the image

    This is a pic of me and my Family at a "whine" tasting The title says it all, Please remove all the champagne glasses from the pic (You can leave the one in my hand) Your help would be greatly appreciated :cheesygrin:
  8. M

    Improving cell phone camera head shot (was: Removing wrinkles)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Photoshop and I would like to edit my photo: - removing wrinkles (forehead, under eyes, the right cheek (left in picture)) - because of my glasses, you do not see skin under the edge of my glasses: I want this to be changed Can anyone help me with this?
  9. D

    Unable to create mirroring glasses effect

    Hello, I am trying to recreate the effect seen on the purple glasses (mirror effect), but for the life of me, my usual approach of flipping vertically, cutting, moving and masking does not work. Can someone please help me out and point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  10. E

    Help correct tilted glasses in my pic?

    Hi, my glasses are tilted in this photo:banghead:, and I would like to use this pic in an application form. Can anybody help me correct this problem? It would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  11. K

    help on foggy glasses (one side)

    hi guys! hope everyone is doing well! I've just returned from a law students' end of the year party and took a photo with this rather important guy in the field, however as it turns out I was too nervous and ended up fogging my glasses, I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done to fix...
  12. K

    Removing glasses from a photo?

    I've tried using the clone and smudge tools to remove glasses from a photo, but to no luck. Was wondering if someone would possibly do it for me? If you could leave your email, I could send it to you. It would be much appreciated.
  13. JustThisGood

    3d glasses effect in Photoshop!

    hey photoshop gurus check this out thanks
  14. YahyaK

    Removing Glasses in Photoshop