1. MikeMc

    IRMA'S Coming....to Florida

    Me, we are hunkering down as it gonna be a quick mover Saturday 8ish is our date. We live on the southwestern corner of FL...about 100 miles as the crow flies from Key West. water for bathing, Ice for cocktails and keeping food cold, A friend will be by soon , so we are almost set, Work...
  2. S

    Hello How r u

    My names is Sofi Kova u can find me on facebook, i like to photoshop people, like to make them nice))) i just learned photoshop and id like u to correct me , while im gonna send pics before and after
  3. ZipedX

    Creating a jigsaw for christmas.

    Hi everyone. As the title stated I'm making a Jigsaw as a present for my fiancee and I'm posting this hoping for ideas. I'm aiming to create a montage containing her and our two children in some "fictional environment". For the montage I'm probably just gonna use their faces or heads the rest...