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gradient tool

  1. kaitlynbrown

    Best Way to Create Gradient as Part of a Custom Photoshop Action?

    Hi all, I'm creating a whole batch of custom actions in Photoshop CC 2015 to make it easier to adhere to a customer's style guide. One of the specifications in the style guide is for an approved method of layering a gradient over an image (involving an unnecessarily complicated set of steps, but...
  2. Brian Soto

    Gradient Tool 'Replacing, But' Not 'Adding'

    I'm going through a tutorial where we're using a technique that employs the use of the basic gradient tool to cover parts of a layer mask. From what I can tell, the instructor in the video is using a default black to white gradient. The problem I'm having is that he keep using the gradient tool...
  3. D

    Gradient tool problem.

    hi in photoshop cs5 whenever i am using gradient tool or just filling an empty area with a color it displays many rounds in it. how to fix this. i just want to create a simple radial rectangle box, but with all the circles in it i couldnt use it for my web page.