1. M

    Paid $30+ Offered for creating custom mosaic pattern and generating swatches

    Hi all, I hope someone is interested in taking this on. Payment will be by PayPal (the only service I'm familiar with) or Interac e-Transfer if you're in Canada. Payment starts at $30 USD and may increase to $50 if the solution given is high-quality, super-slick and accompanied with a short...
  2. D

    Gradients (Please help quickly!)

    If someone could apply the same color gradients as in this image: To this image: I would greatly appreciate it! Please see attached for photoshop file
  3. M

    How to make color clouds (was: Textured Gradient Help)

    Hey guys Just wondering if anyone could tell me how to recreate something similar to what I have attatched. Making gradients is easy, but I wanted to create something that had some sort of texture. Thanks in advance Max
  4. MoltresRider

    Converting Gimp Gradients to Photoshop Gradients?

    Converting Gimp brushes and Gimp patterns into Photoshop brushes and patterns is fairly simple, open the Gimp brush or the Gimp pattern as an image in Gimp, export as png, open in Photoshop, define the brush or pattern as a brush or pattern. Gradients, however; you cannot save then as a regular...
  5. J

    how to apply a color and gradient to a transparent pattern?

    Hi, great forum! I am trying to use a pattern, where I can make changes to it's color, and try out gradients on it 'on the fly' to see the results. I already have the pattern. It's a simple repeating hexagon pattern with a transparent background. 1. The pattern itself is monochrome (currently...
  6. B

    Try out plug in for generation (mesh) gradients

    Hi everybody! I am developing plug in for Photoshop. It allows users to draw color gradients in real time and with unprecedented level of control. It is possible to draw classical gradients - LINEAR, RADIAL and ANGLED as well as MESH GRADIENTS. IF YOU WANT TO USE FREE BETA VERSION FEEL FREE TO...
  7. R

    Adjustment layers to affect other adjustment layers?

    I've got perhaps a bit of an odd one. I've got a picture where I've got two figures in the foreground, one of which is a copy of the other flipped horizontally. I've then got 2 gradient adjustment layers changing the colour of the background and the clothes, using a layer mask to ensure that...
  8. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Color selection and gradients

    Does any Ai user know of a good tutorial/explanation/whatever for how to select colors, add colors to gradients, and add gradients to objects, etc.? I find it maddening (compared to Ps) sometimes getting a gradient onto (or off of) an object.
  9. A

    Filling line art with gradients

    Hi, I can't seem to be able to fill in my line art with gradients. I used the pen tool to make the line art on one layer. The gradient tool just splashes my whole layer instead of the sections I want. What can I do to change this? I'm trying to follow this low-poly spin tutorial...
  10. gautamz07

    CSS gradients

    Hey Guys , Nofin much to do today , so just came on here i came across a really nice color gradient combination online , , i am going to try to make a few of my own and post it here , if you want u can contribute too :D I will be hand-typing the CSS...
  11. B

    How to recreate this ceramic glaze effect?

    Interested in how to recreate this ceramic glaze effect in the most realistic way possible. Appreciate some advice. FJORD chair: Patricia Urquiola
  12. G

    Graduated Filters?

    Hi, all. Can someone tell me how to combine a filter with a gradient so that the filter effect is on, say, the top of the image but not the bottom? Say I want to apply a Pixelated Mosaic effect to the top of an image and have it slowly transition, becoming less and less pixelated toward the...
  13. S

    Non linear gradients?

    I am trying to use a large image as a bg for poster and want to have a gradient that will go from 0-30% opacity over the first 3/4 of the image and then from 31-100% opacity over the last 1/4. I tried to move the midppint in my gradient editor to 85% in order to acheive this affect, but, it...
  14. N

    Scan Lines In Adobe Photoshop Gradients

    Dear Photoshop Gurus, I do not know what you'd call it and or define it as. But, when I use a gradient on a layer for some odd reason the Gradient looks blocky. It looks as if it is not fading into other colors rather than blocking the colors little by little. Which is where I come to the...
  15. N

    Gradients Help Needed

    Hi Guys, new here and I'd figured I'd start off by asking some help for something I'm working on. Been working with alot gradients but can't seem to find the solution to emulate this picture. I have the figure down already on illustrator, but can't manipulate the gradients for it to look like...