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  1. C

    [Help] What am I doing wrong? Vector Mask Issue

    I'm doing a personal custom project and I want to make text look old and worn down. I stumbled upon this tutorial on google I've done everything it asks and I still cannot get the transparent grunge texture to blend with the...
  2. M

    Illustrator Can you help me to figure this effect

    Hey guys can you help me figure out how this effect was done? I know its a grunge effect but look at how uniform it looks. Also Look at the stars and the effect around it. Would really appreciate your help. Thanks alot.
  3. S

    Glass/screen grunge Cracking signature

    what do you guys think? played around with some new brushes i think its a mint effect
  4. Cybermax59

    Brushes Advertisement-First Try using smoke and grunge brushes..check it out!

    How was it guys? Is it cool?
  5. psIloveyou

    Old Canvas Textures

    A friend of mine gave me these beauttiful Old Canvas Textures years ago. They are some of my favorites for page backgrounds. I'm guessing they would work well for web design too. The colors, textures and gradients remind me of the graphics in the movie and the book, "The Secret" . Nice...