1. D

    Help mom have all 4 kids smile in one pic

    My youngest doesn't ever cooperate for family pictures...all I want for Christmas is a family photo of all of us looking in the same direction and not crying haha please help! I attached the family pic where 5 of us, and 2 dogs, are good....and a photo that I'm at least happy with the lil boy...
  2. S

    Pregnant and need help with an awesome announcement photo :)

    Hi all! We're expecting our first baby.and super excited! We want a baby announcement photo with our three dogs (who are our 4 legged babies) but its impossible to get all of them together looking at me! (I've tried all month haha) I was wondering if anybody could put something together for us...
  3. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Robot Bunny

    I know Easter is still some weeks away. Nevertheless, one must always be prepared for distributing gifts. A great help may be a robot who can do this job for you, haha. This is a work in progress, and that's the first picture of it. More will follow soon.
  4. L

    First time posting a before & After portrait (Please be gentle haha)

    Hey :D so apart from my introductory post, this is my first before & after post so please be gentle :cheesygrin: I do know I need to learn a lot (and tone down the brightness of things ie: teeth haha) hence why I have joined here :D P.s I am hoping to one day be equivalent to magazine standards...
  5. crzykate58

    Christmas Card

    Heya! ^_^ My church asked me to put together a xmas card for our pastor and his family, specifically they wanted his face on some sort of snowboarder haha! so i tried my best to make his head match the bodies... buuuuut idk haha, they might still look a little forced. anywho, the one with all...
  6. S

    Hello there.

    Hello, I'm a college student from New Jersey that likes using Photoshop as a hobby on the side. Most of my interests in Photoshop deal with creating animated GIFs. I imagine most of my posts will be about asking for help about certain GIF effects. So thank you in advance to any experts that I...
  7. A

    Can someone please photoshop this picture for me? :)

    Hey, i'm allowing you to do what you want with it, no limits haha.
  8. Stock

    Haha, Hey!

    Just made me laugh to see all of the people signing in for the 1st time. (: Well first off, my irl name is Joey. I am 16 and I got Photoshop CS5 Extended last Sunday. So I am a literal noob at this. I thought the best idea would be for me to come to a friend "help you out" forum. So I hope to...