1. J

    Advice fixing a lighting blow out

    Hey guys! Im new to the forum and average at photoshop, I can get around. Im looking for advice as to how to quickly get rid of the blow out in-between my boys heads and make the background more evenly lit. Thanks for your help!
  2. T

    Merging heads from one picture to another

    Just started using photoshop last night and all these tutorials I've came across don't explain the point vividly enough. What I wanna do is, take someone's head from one picture and "merge" it to body and it must look realistic. I tried with a few pictures already, but the lighting of the head...
  3. Z

    Heads Up: Urban Fonts.Com Hacked

    anyone who uses urban fonts.com, i think it is your best interests to know that Bangladeshi hackers have done their job on the site. how inconvenient!! :evil: I would suggest staying away from there and i will let you know when it is back online again, I'm not sure if any windows viruses are...