1. R

    Could any one be so kind as to help me out?

    Well my husband and I will be married 14 years October 11th. My daughter snapped this pic of us at local park. I would like to make it look like our lips are touching and also we were on a hike and my hair looks ratty as heck!!! Can you fill in my hair where it looks all gappy? I don't know if...
  2. Paul

    Try to identify this close-up photo

    A image shot close up your mission should you so wish to try, is guess just what the heck it might be? :mrgreen:
  3. V

    Hello from the Darkside

    Just kidding, just downloaded the latest version subscription and the learning curve now starts. Always wanted to try this app out so I said what the heck, just bought the Canon Rebel T5 and looking forward to using and learning it and using the photoshop app.