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  1. C

    Images by Carl Bush

    Hi all, thought I'd post a few original images done in Photoshop for your viewing pleasure. As a Navy helicopter pilot, I often get asked to make helicopter prints for pilots as going away gifts. Here is a sample SH-60B Seahawk helicopter.
  2. K

    Help a noob)

    I really like this image, but the tiny helicopter on the right makes it unsymmetrical:confused:. Can someone remove it for me? Thanks in advance
  3. M

    3D Need help texturing a helicopter

    Hey, A friend has made a 3d model of a Black Hawk helicopter in Blender and gave it to me for doing the texturing, because he's not so in Photoshop. I have found some tutorials to texture simple things such as barrels, barriers and blocks, but I just fail to texture a helicopter in...