hello everybody

  1. Photoshop Genius

    Newbie :)

    Hi All! I'm a newbie Photoshopper and hope to learn a lot here. I cant wait to get acquainted with the group. See ya all around! Dawn
  2. P

    Hello everyone!

    Hi guys! OK, this is my second post, should have been the first, I know, but in a desperation and late at night I made another one first, the next one to be precise: Request Mad Max style It's already solved, so I'm happy for it and now I can take a little of my time to introduce myself. My...
  3. Curodine

    - Greetings from the Netherlands

    Hello there, Hello everyone I'm Bryan, 14 years of age and a frequent user of Photoshop. I've been using Photoshop for about 2 years. I've collected some experience in those years but I’ll still have to learn a lot about Photoshop. I hope that in this community will learn me a lot more about...
  4. T

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, I am feeling lucky to join this forum. I wish I come to know valuable information from the fellow members and may also get a chance to share some of my knowledge. Greeting to everyone again! Thanks Boorhan :)
  5. M

    Hello Everybody...

    Greetings of the day to all the Gurus out there ..... Hello Guys :) Joined this fantastic community just a few minutes back. A brief intro about myself.. I am Manik Lal Das from Kolkata (India). I am computer professional with a knack for photography and photo editing works. Currently am...