help me fix this

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    I need help on Background of my logo

    Hello I really need help if u have discord please add me: No1sLimited#9603 and I will add you ass soon as possible. So I created my logo in Photoshop but problem is when I want to use picture of my logo behind of logo is whole white screen and I just want that my logo only will be visible. Thank!!!
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    Layer Styles Pen Fill path is very pixelated when filled in.

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for viewing my post!! I'm very very new to photoshop and I really do not know what I am doing. I was following a tutorial to create my Logo but when I use the pen tool to create shapes (Pen tool > Make the shape I need > Fill Path..) it fills just fine but it is very...
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    Specific Need Help with a Logo

    hi guys! I'm launching a new website soon, it is my first website and I've tried to make a logo with a program online but I don't really like it especially cause it doesn't fit in most social media profiles pics. Can you please help me with a new logo? I'm gonna attach the logo that I made and I...
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    saved images gritty

    Hey everyone, as you can see here all these images look fairly low in quality but they were all saved in as high a quality as photoshop would allow (this happens with. jpeg and .png files) to be honest I have no idea why this is happening and I don’t think I’ve seen it on other artists works...
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    Question about a Photo + Request

    Hi! I was wondering if there's anything that could be done to 'fix' this photo? If so, would someone be willing to do it? Thanks!
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    Help Editing a Photo

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if someone could please help me out. I do not have Photoshop, so I just downloaded GIMP tonight. I am beginning to learn the ropes but would really like a photo edited in the mean time. There is an annoying pipe in the 2 attached photos that I would like to be...
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    Could use some assistance cleaning up some edges

    Hey guys, I need some help cleaning up the edges on this vector I have. If you look closely it is rather jagged and there are some black pixels surrounding the red tie. Some advice would be greatly appreciated, although I've tried a great number of things. If you think it would be easier to just...
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    HELP.lost my toolbox

    HElp I hit something and changed my toolbox, which I had on the left hand side..going verticle now the box that was the tools, is just a very small box, with just the feather in it ( I am using cs2) and above..and below the main "file..edit...image..." along narrow box..that sort of...
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    How do i fix this?

    How do i fix it. (