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help please

  1. Chops13

    Need help making a photo like this

    I want to see if anyone can help with a tutorial or something to help me make images like this. Where they are cartoonish but still kind of real looking. Any help would be great!! Thanks in advance!
  2. J

    Specific Pointy hat lol

    Can you make my hat less pointy pls👍
  3. O

    Help with professional looking pictures

    I've recently started to sell some products online and its going OK for now. the company i use to sell my products has suggested i take professional photos of my items and have them clear and with a white background. i tried already and thought i had done alright but would really like a second...
  4. O

    Can anyone help to restore the focus on the photo?

    Could you please help me to fix this photo (if it is possible)? I like this photo very much and hope that there is some change to fix a little bit something, so that the picture would not be blurry. Photo is available here: I will be...
  5. J

    Need Help Asap

    Hello, My uncle is getting married on Saturday, and his bride to be tasked me to make this happen. I am obviously super stressed. I need 2 photos edited. The older photo of my grandparents, I would love if someone could fill in the parts that she cut out in order to put it in an oval frame...
  6. J

    Help me i need to make this effect

    hey i hope someone can help me im trying to create this effect of the text cracking away with a dust effect any ideas ------------- please see image up top ---------- i have try differnt thinks to re create this with the word perception can anyone help me this is for a poster for a dance...
  7. J

    Placing people onto solid color background

    My A Cappella group and I just recently took photos for our cover. There are 6 of us. We each took separate photos in front of a white wall with studio lights and everything. It's my job to put all of the 6 pictures together to make it look like we took the picture as a group, but I'm having so...