1. G

    Hello all!

    I'm a retired hobbyist who bought the first Photoshop book by David Biedny and Bruce Fraser when it was released. Been in printing and the graphic arts since I was 18. Still learning new things everyday. I'm an advanced hobbyist now. Gary
  2. C


    I just came across this forum and to my surprise it said I was already a member. To be honest though I don't recall the board. Have been a Photoshop user since moving from Elements to CS4 and now using CC. I guess you can classify me as a hobbyist. I've done work in retouching, composites and a...
  3. Mr.Anderson

    New to this forum ...

    Hello all ... I'm new to this forum, but not new to Photoshop. That being said, I have to admit that I am just a 'hobbyist' when it come to Photoshop. So I'm always looking to learn new tricks ... :mrgreen: I use Photoshop in concert with Vegas Pro to make some pretty cool video effects. But...