1. TripleYoThreat

    How To Touch Canvas From Inside Or Outside

    Hi, hope you're doing well. Quick question here. How can I have this item I'm transforming touch the canvas from the inside or outside. I use these terms because Media Player Classic has these options and it works perfectly, touch frame from inside or outside. So, when I'm resizing a...
  2. M

    Plz help

    Can someone make the attached image hold up two fingers like a peace sign asap
  3. A

    How do I hold glasses in mid air?

    Hello all, I am somewhat new to studio photography, and have a question I have not been able to figure out... I hope someone here can help. I am trying to find out how photographers prop up things (like glasses) in mid air for a shoot? I know a lot of times people use fishing line, and stuff...
  4. L

    Pls help me

    they photoshopped the wrong thing someone else help please Hello photo shop pros, I was just wondering if you could please photo shop some roses into my hand In the photo as I forgot to hold mine in the picture on Valentine's Day. Thanks heaps xoxo
  5. F

    Can i change the Key to hold?

    Basically i no longer have a mac to work with and are now working on windows. The problem is while i worked i used the option key to drag the screen which is the hand tool. I do not know the button to hold for the hand tool in windows and would like to know if i can change a key to HOLD. I do...
  6. P

    Photoshop Marquee Tool Snap to Guides - Newbie needs help

    Im new to PS idk if this is the right place to post this question but here. I'm following a tuto from http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-effects/color-grid-photo-display-effect/ i get to step 5 and for some reason when i hold shift and click not all lines stay selected why is this? as you...
  7. pslane

    Direct selection tool

    I've been told to use the direct selection tool in a lot of the tuts I do. When I try it, all I get is a rectangle marquee that disappears when I un click. It does nothing for me, no lines of any kind. I'm thinking maybe I have to hold down another key to use this. Can you tell me or direct...