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  1. gedstar

    Happy Birthday to Hoogle

    Happy Birthday Hoogle enjoy your day :wave1: :beerchug:
  2. dv8_fx

    It's HOOGLEDAY....

    The Staff and members at PSGurus would like to wish our SSM (Single Senior Moderator) :cheesygrin:, @Hoogle ..... :wave1:A SWINGING, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:wave1: HIT IT, GUYS ...... :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: ....... A big thanks to you for years of service, helpfulness and activity in...
  3. Paul

    Official hoogle the Hoogle Thread.

    The game here is to put the word HOOGLEMAN or any of it abbreviations into any format you wish. Just a bit of fun.:) Things like these POST ALL NEW ENTRIES HERE.
  4. Hoogle

    Create Hoogle a T shirt: template and tutorial

    Ok I have a friend who has a garment printing company they do the printint before the apparel is stiched up so really you are very flexible on what you design. I would like a funky t shirt designed that I will get printed this is a free for all so go with whatever you think will make a cool...
  5. Hoogle

    another image effect by Hoogle with video tutorial

    this tutorial will show you how to achieve this effect here is the video tutorial