1. A

    Can anyone help?

    Hi I'm new here a friend recommended the forum... Basically I'm in a bit of a mess I had a 2nd shooter help out at a wedding a few weeks back and she has messed up the photos she has taken I now have to get these photos to the bride and groom and really don't have much time so can't even begin...
  2. mdyusuf

    Changing hair color in Photoshop

    Recently I have done this work so how has my work? I have a huge time to spend on this work.
  3. L

    How to put a picture in a shape of a completed project

    I need to put a union flag inside this flame, but I can't redo the flame as this skin has three different layers and the fresnel layer would be a huge pain to do again. Thanks.
  4. pslane

    Illustrator warp tool size

    How can I adjust the brush size on the warp tool? I love to use it but the only option I have is a huge brush, not good for small areas. Thanks, pslane