1. P

    Specific Edit Funny Photo

    Hello! I find myself on this site about once a year whenever my company has us take employee photos. I've really enjoyed seeing, and using what some of you have posted in the past and hope someone can edit these once again! For the past few years I've tried to get creative so that I can use a...
  2. Tom Mann

    Humor: Cow photobombs landscape photo - scientists then find good use for the photo

    Scientific article here:
  3. MrToM

    Humans have landed on a comet - Your humorous take on this historic event

    I give it 2 weeks before... Regards. MrTom.
  4. Dangeruss


    I just joined yesterday, so hi! I was trained as a graphic designer in a collegiate visual communication technology class in Denver, CO in 1998 while I was still in high school. That year I won 2nd place in an all district completion among 25 other GD hot shots in bus bench ad competition. I...