1. I

    Anime image help.

    Please, could anyone increase and improve the quality of this image? I would need the image quality to be around 1,417 x 4,251 pixels and 120dpi. It is possible?
  2. S

    Hello Gurus!

    My name is Javier, I'm a web developer and hobby designer. Learning more and more everyday about Photoshop and I'm excited to join the community to increase my PS knowledge.
  3. E

    How to increase hair volume?

    Hi!!! I wonder how to get increase hair volume model as attached image. I tried a few tools, but they were not natural. The following example of photo and photo to simulate the effect ... know any tips? Thank you!
  4. A

    Text box. Hard to grab corners to enlarge?

    Hi Guys, First of all, I would like to say Hi! I do apologise for signing up and instantly asking a question, but after years of struggling with certain things in Photoshop - I thought I should finally sign up! I am using Photoshop Elements 11 on Win 10. I tend to make a lot of info...
  5. J

    Hello—long time user/book designer

    Hi. I've been a Photoshop user since v3.X, but have primarily focused on basic color work for print. I hope to increase my knowledge on particular subjects, and also add to discussions if I can. Cheers.
  6. R

    How to Increase Image KB size?

    Hi, i've got a passport photo that is about 12.8KB as a JPEG. the website im uploading the photo to only takes files that are in the range of 500KB - 10MB. Is there a way to increase the KB of the image without editing/changing the 'size' of the image? it's a passport photo so i can't add...
  7. M

    Increasing warp amount

    Hi Guys, I have some text that I created in the shape of a beard. I would like to warp it a bit so that it kind of looks wavy, but the warp>preset>wave function only allows one wave which makes it look like a flag which I do not want at all. Is there a way I can increase the amount of waves...
  8. B

    Stroke manually (no blending options), its possible?

    Hello, i want to do my logo. So a need to creat a STROKE on the letter "B" But i dont wnat to use a blend option, because when i increase the size of the font, the stroke desregulate. So i have a B: And i want a stroke, like this: But hwith no bland options. I tryed to duplicate the font...
  9. gautamz07

    increasing image height

    Hey guys i am using the below image for a CSS background , but its short , so can i increase the height , by doing some simple photoshop tricks ? i would probably have to repeat the pattern marked in green . but how do i do it ? The original image is here . Note that what i really...
  10. F

    Help - Brackets do not decrease or increase brush size

    I have Photoshop CS3 which has been working wonderfully. Suddenly the brackets will no longer increase or decrease brush sizes. The brackets now only change opacity and flow which did not happen before. Can anyone help me solve this issue ?
  11. W

    How to increase image ?

    How to increase the size of an image in Photoshop without losing its quality. Please share your views...