1. M

    Hello Photoshoppers

    hello everybody i have started a few treads already but let me just introduce myself i'm Mitchell , 41 years old and dutch after using ulead photo impact for a year i switched to photoshop in 2002 (i think) i am self taught by internet en you tube my insparation is "life" basicly, months...
  2. Eggy

    3D Blender - Inspiration medication

    No inspiration? Take one of these and you're off for a creative day... :cheesygrin:
  3. Eggy

    In between challenge for fun

    We are awaiting gedstar's challenge #44 soon but lets do one in between, nothing to win...(nothing to lose) Imagine for a moment, in the blink of an eye mankind disappears from the face of the earth. About two decades later, the animals seems to have taken over what the humans left behind. It...
  4. R

    Greetings from Greece!

    Hello ppl, dimitris here, photographer looking for inspiration, knowledge and advice. C U in the forum :-)
  5. M

    buenos dias!

    Hi all :) As a youngling, I was a regular hobby photoshopper. Mostly making logos, signatures, posters,etc, and I'm looking to get back into it by joining your excellent forum and hopefully getting some inspiration, as it is something I'm sadly lacking in! So, if you seem me lurking about...
  6. C

    Mountain Goat Logo Design + Construct

    Hey guy's.. Got inspired on some similar designs of this nature and thought I would have a go myself. Inspiration: Research: Finished Product: Construct: Thanks for looking.
  7. hershy314

    The Island

    Finally got some inspiration to do another photo manipulation. I watched a tutorial on youtube today and it inspired this. No this isn't what the tutorial was for, it was something a little different.
  8. E

    Sportbike photoshop help

    I just picked up a new bike and took this photo of myself doing a burnout but I cannot do much with it in Pixlr, my computer crashed and I'm without PS. Can anyone help with adding a darker and more gritty feel to it? I have 2 different images to choose from and I included my edit for a feel of...
  9. D

    Hello everyone

    New guy to using photoshop, learning new things everyday, but always looking for advice and inspiration from people who are really good at using it.
  10. W

    I Am Dying for this Look for past 4 months 21 days 8 hrs

    Hello Guys - I am kinda dying to achieve this look for past 4 months. I know its a just another request for you guys, but believe me, I did my best to find this look over internet, saw tons of YouTube video, and read lots of posts before posting here. I knew little about photoshop/lightroom...
  11. E

    Logo soms

    Hello PSGS, I'm designing a logo for a brand called SOMS which means; ''Sometimes'' Its a clothing brand and I'll use your logos for inspiration.. wanna have a go? lets go! Here's what i've made.. Goodluck!
  12. F

    In case you need inspiration

    just found this through Facebook
  13. hershy314

    End of Days

    Haven't done one of these in a long time. A little rusty, but had fun. I hope to do more of these, just need to find the inspiration so keep doing this. Between school and working I'm always drained. Anyway here it is.
  14. R

    varying bevels (need a channel in a beveled layer)

    First post, and darn it if it isn't a question. Been trolling the forum and internet for a tutorial on how to get a bevel with one setting, to cut into a bevel with another setting. I've been working on the graphics for the interface to my home theater. Mostly I've been using stock material...
  15. T

    Need your help

    I need to create a logo for a friend which wants the name "Red Wall Radio" someone can help me with inspiration for a logo?
  16. agentmoeller


    Started out as a drawing of a flower, but... photoshop happens. Some shapes were imported from Illustrator. Comments welcome. Agent:)
  17. J

    header inspiration

    Hi all I am working on this header (lower one is alternative version). Any comments / ideas / inspiration please?? Thank you :cool2: