1. V

    Helpful books

    I am a newbie and working on the learning curve, I am sure it's been asked before but do the pros out there have any suggestions for good instruction books, dvd's etc.
  2. W

    Help needed please

    I have recently downloaded 3d shatter polygon photoshop action. But when i use it i got a blurred image (like extensive motion blurred). What should i do? I have followed all the instruction that is available but still got blurred image.
  3. mikecox

    How to upgrade RAW plug in

    I just updated PsCC but when I tried to edit a Lr image in Ps I got a warning the the RAW plugin was out of date, with the instruction to go to the Ps Help menu and click update. But Ps has already been updated, I just need to update the RAW plugin. How do I do that?
  4. gedstar

    Photoshop update CC2015 removes previous CC2014

    Just in case you want to keep the old version CC2014, instructions here There's also this Save for Web Export As Save For Web is being phased out, replaced by Export As, a streamlined and simplified way to export...
  5. C

    Confused Rookie

    Hi, So, I'm trying to do this and make it to the 2:45 mark no problem following all instructions exactly. However, when I try to go to Stroke Path it makes the brush path approximately 300 pixels and I have no idea why. I've made sure that the...
  6. P

    Request for help! or request for instruction.

    I'm still learning photoshop, but i need some help with this picture. Basically, i need this picture edited to look like these cards are sitting in front of it, instead of what is... with 2 of these: 2 of these: 1 of these: and 1 of these: If it's AT ALL possible, it doesn't even have...