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  1. MrToM

    Video Instruction for Adding Images and Files to posts.

    There is no audio. 01 Adding Images To New Thread Regards. MrToM.
  2. Demented Dave

    how to make custom football helmets?

    need help, im new to photoshop & i want to learn how to make custom football helmets for my fantasy football league, i dont know where to begin.step by step instructions would be good. im using photoshop elements 13 thanks dave
  3. W

    Help making a prairie/sky or a Park background

    I am very much new to Photoshop or would like to learn as much as possible. If anyone can point me toward a video or detailed instructions, I would truly appreciate it. I only have four or five days to finish the project. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. A

    Help understanding instructions

    Hi Can anyone help me understand these instructions for making a DesktopX icon in Photoshop? I have never used Photoshop before so it really needs to be explained in every detail (idiots guide). I am using a DX theme called H2so4 by chadamus. He has created a Generator for DesktopX Icons & Icon...