1. GiovanniPiris


    Hey guys! Just figured I'd post a quick introduction here before posting! I've been using photoshop ever since I was about 14 - I'm 22 new so by no means am I beginner. I'd probably consider myself intermediate, as I really only use the program for specific things that I do on a regular...
  2. R

    High its Rick

    Hi its Rick Am new in here, so glad to be here, am at intermediate level in Photoshop. Hope to learn more
  3. J

    Newbie Light Intermediate user. Into Compositing.

    Hi there. I'm a self-taught beginner to intermediate ps user. Single mom who loves to make digital art in my free time. I'm looking to fill in my knowledge and connect with others, especially those who are compositing. I'm excited to learn and share!
  4. M


    Nighty! I'm a Photography student from Brazil with a Scandinavian heart and Oriental interests; image editing and creating is my new goal. I have been studying here and there the basics on my own, and now I am an intermediate aiming for professional. Hopefully I can be of help to the community...
  5. FireWire

    Intermediate user, saying hi from Canada

    Hello everyone - just a quick and simple introduction: I am an enthusiast and amateur user of Photoshop (since version 6.0), and I have come here to ask for advice on my projects and learn new things along the way! Thanks for the welcome.