1. vngnwrd

    Nice to meet you!

    Hello everyone! I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. I have been recently self-employed and working from home, it's difficult to judge my own work when I'm only have a pair of eyes. So, I'm joining this community, hopefully to get feedbacks from fresh eyes of yours! And...
  2. A

    Hello PS gurus!

    Just introducing myself as instructed in the welcome e-mail! I'm an artist and commercial photographer from the UK.
  3. gedstar

    Introducing Content-Aware Crop: Coming Soon to Photoshop CC

    More Info
  4. K


    hello everyone, my name is kamdi from indonesia :)
  5. J

    Hello everyone

    Hello, New here and introducing myself. I find it difficult to type. My keyboard is fine in other applications but with this text , very difficult. Anyone else?
  6. D

    Hello there members of PhotoshopGurus!

    Hello There!!! My name is Cristina (Discover Wide) and this is my first time here. I just want to introduce myself to you guys, I am Puerto Rican so I speak spanish too, and I love designing in Photoshop and others you can metion haha, I love expressing myself in design or photography and I am...
  7. Dreamers

    Dreamers, introducing himself

    Allright peoples, My name is obviously "Dreamers". I'm male (35 years old) and married and got child(8 month's). I kinda got read through the forum for a while and thought "why not just get registered". And so, there is me ;P. While picking up lots and lots of tips in this forum, i'm going...
  8. J

    Hello, Introducing myself here...

    I am new to this forum, and just want to say hello to all of you. Please kindly reply my question and give me good advice whenever I request my query. Hopefully believe that I will get support and motivation from all of you to success I joined this forum so I can get some support, advice and...
  9. D

    Hello Everybody introducing myself

    Hello everybody! I am David Gill from USA California. I am new member here and i hope to enjoy my stay here.