1. K

    Embarrassingly stupid 'Subtract front shape' issue

    I am following this basic tutorial for subtracting a shape from another shape and this happened when I clicked 'Subtract front shape' - I have some intermediate experience with PS but now I just feel stupid :seenoevil: I want the result to be like in the tutorial.... This is how it looks before...
  2. A

    Convert inverted images to positive in photoshop

    I received two photos from a friend and unfortunately they are in inverted format. I manage to convert one to positive in photoshop 3 and not able to convert another one. ANy suggestions? The photos are enclosed.
  3. ethan1178

    Keyboard (typing) Problems Help really annoying!

    Where to begin,Well i'm going to give examples. If i want to type Channel:I have to type it like this :Channel For it to appear like i want it.I just typed Duration: and it turned out to be :Duration on photoshop.The blinking Cursor always is behind the text like my typing is inverted....Tell me...