1. X

    Specific Can Anyone Swap My Friends Phone to an Iphone?

    Hi guys as unusual and petty this request may be, my friend had an old picture of hiswhich he likes alot and wanted to swap his old phone with an iPhone so that it looks current and modern and ofcourse suave was hoping if anybody could pull this off he’d absolutely love it! p.s-> that iphone...
  2. T

    Free PSD Mockups

    Hi, I want to share with you a site where you can download PSD Mockups (electronic, food, item) entirely for Free. All mockups have editable semi-transparent shadows, electronics mockups - iPhone, iPad, Surface are in all colors and also have fully editable screens. All assets on Undesigns.net...
  3. B

    How do I attach a photo on iPhone?

    I need a photo edited but don?t know how to attach the photo on iPhone there is no options
  4. H

    Edit a class photo for me please

    ok so my Fire academy class had a good opportunity to take a class picture when the blue angels were flying but we didn't have a camera. So we used an iPhone and could not get the angels in the shot. Is there any way to photoshop something in like that? Also, some how write SFFD with 120th...
  5. S

    iPhone 6 (Attempt at photorealism + Speed Art)

    iPhone 6 made in Photoshop CC 2015. I wanted to try something photorealistic. It's not perfect, but I spent around three hours on it and I don't really want to spend any more. Feel free to comment. Click for full res
  6. O

    Making it look as though iPhone is being charged

    Hello all, I am wondering if someone can help please? I am looking at creating a box packaging for a wireless iPhone charging case. I have an iPhone image with the case around it, but I am struggling a bit on how to change the image in the middle of the iPhone to make it look as though the...
  7. T

    Help with skin tones

    I'm an experienced user of Photoshop (using CC 2015 at present), but on photos that have never required any adjustment of skin tones. The type of things that I usually photograph don't involve skin tones. However, a new grandchild has changed this. Daughter-in-law is snapping photos of the...
  8. Tom Mann

    Gone fishin' (...hiking, actually)

    Headed south last weekend, meeting up with some friends and heading north next weekend. Should be around during the week. The only camera I brought was the one in my iPhone cuz it also has all my topo maps, GPS, and serves as an emergency communications device -- what a great invention! Tom M
  9. D

    Any way to access PS images' descriptions on an iPhone?

    The last thing I do after tidying up a picture in Photoshop on the Mac is hit Get Info (Command-Shift-Option) to add a caption in the Description field— who, what, when, where, why, etc. If that picture gets transferred to an iPhone or iPad, is there a way to access its caption there? I have...
  10. E

    I'm looking for a Cover ActionScript for iPhone cases

    Hello everybody :) (sorry for my english) I'm looking for an actionscript which could be able to cover a iPhone (4, 5, 6 and 6+) automaticly with the borders. I saw this video but it's only in 2D : youtube.com/watch?v=Z3umqRvi3CA I've also saw that a lot of software do this kind of coverage but...
  11. G

    Is it possible to have multiple views of a layer

    I have some iPhone templates that I can use to clip the layer I'm working in so it shows through on the iPhone screen. I want to see what it looks like on different models, colors, portrait/landscape, etc. I've been copying and pasting the layer so I can view it under each template. Is it...
  12. B


    Hello everyone There is an app on iphone that allows you to do patterns on your image. The app is called "fragment" This app is only available on iphone. If this was something I wanted to do on photoshop how would it be done? Or is there any similar app (on computer) that allow me to create...
  13. Chsavage

    A nice photo.

    Just took this the other day, didn't have my camera on me, but my iPhone didn't let me down (surprisingly).
  14. P

    Can an iphone video be transferred to photoshop and then get still pictures printed?

    I took a short video on my iphone of my sister-in-law's wedding. I want to transfer the video to my CS6 Cloud. Can this be done? Can I transfer it to photoshop or is there another part of the CS6 that would work better for this type of project? I have "streaming" from my iphone to my mac...
  15. K

    Good photoshop designer needed

    Hello, I'm an iPhone app developer and I'm looking for a good (PRO) Image/Icon designer, so we can join our "forces" and create great iPhone apps. I have already published few apps into the App Store and I'm open for ideas. Please contact me know if you are interested. Cheers
  16. J

    [REQUEST] iPhone GIF

    Hey guys.. Could you please make a GIF for me. Have no idea how to make them :'( Using this image. (http://c2499022.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Apple-iPhone-4-17-million.jpg) Could you please remove the screens on the iPhones and then replace them...