1. C

    Captain Jack Sparrow Cosplay

    Hi all, I would appreciate it if someone could transform the image into a Captain Jack Sparrow Cosplay. Halloween is coming up and i need to get a feel for it. see if it suits me for a costume.. Thanks in advance!
  2. agentmoeller

    RIP Jack Davis.....

    ..... one of the greatest!!!
  3. J

    Hey I'm jack from london !!!!!

    hi all im a video editor and also a student in technical theatre thanks jack
  4. Paul


    This was a fun one, just a little liquify some clone work then lots in Topaz laboratory:) Thoughts?
  5. nataloran

    Some before and after to recreate some Jack Vettriano's art

    Hello there ! At a certain I was aiming to see what I could do as a reproduction of art but in my own style with 3D tools under my hand (and that means 3D games too ;-)). So I will show you what I built at first, how it came at last and of course the best one is the Artist real frame (Jack...