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    Jagged Edges

    Hi Guys, this is my first post here and I am hoping someone can help me. I have a problem when I am using the polygonal lasso and clone stamp tool when I am editing pictures for my website. After using the lasso and clone stamp tool I am getting very jagged edges. I have tried all different...
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    How to do this? Jagged edged hole

    Does anyone know how to create the jagged edge around the player.... or is there a template I could use... thanks...Dave
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    Jagged edges

    I have a problem when using the newly created brush ("my sand brush"). When creating everything is ok. When use I see jagged edges. How to fix it? Regards .
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    Jagged Text

    I'm having a problem with jagged text in photoshop preview and in pdf and jpg exports. The problem is amplified further when in the pdf. I have set the anti-alias setting to smooth and my resolution is 300 dpi. I am stuck as to what to do. I tried every font from Arial to custom downloaded...
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    How to make a silhouette from an image

    Hello Gurus, I need some help in making a silhouette of a Dodo bird. It needs to be a really simple image that will eventually become part of a logo. I have been watching a ton of youtube videos and my eyes kind of hurt, not to mention my brain, but I just can't get the finish to look...
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    Pen tool jagged lines?

    I was watching a tutorial on making something with Photoshop and he used pen tool to make a box. He pressed shift to draw a straight 45 degree angle line but when I do it, the sides are jagged. Am I missing something here?
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    Jagged edges with the spherize tool?

    Hello, i've got a problem when using the spherize tool, the image shows jagged edging when spherizing at 100% on an image 5000x5000 px.I'm using CS6. Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? Many thanks.
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    Fix two jagged lines

    Good evening, I created this flag (click for larger version, original is 1800 x 1080 pixels): The lines of the white triangle however are very jagged. Would it be possible for someone to make those lines smooth without changing other details of this picture? Your help would be greatly...
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    Illustrator Help with jagged line effect in Illustrator

    Hello! I have a question please on how to achieve this uneven jagged line effect in Illustrator. I have previously used live trace to achieve this, either drawing from hand or in PS and then putting it into Illustrator, but is there another way to achieve this without drawing it first in...
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    New Member with a question

    Hello. New member from California. I'm a graphic designer for small company. I do my design work in IllustratorCC and any photo editing in PhotoshopCC. I design ads for web and in doing so, I use a photo for background and maybe a product or two, then bring the photo into illustrator for...
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    Help Getting Rid of Jagged Edge

    Hi, I have this banner which I have been asked to get rid of the jagged edge on the curved line in the middle of the banner (between the photos and the top of the banner. Please see the attached image. I am not sure how to go about this. Do I trace a path along the existing curve and then...
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    Jagged edges, what's happening here?

    If I save this picture in Photoshop I get these jagged edges. I have seen this before on other images I got from the web. Can anybody tell me what is happening here? Attached files are: the original image, the image cropped in Picasa (looks fine), and the image cropped in Photoshop with the...
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    question about the pen tool with jagged lines

    ok so i have read up with the search tool up top, i did find a few topics about this but i am still unclear how to fix it. you know i was just working on the luminescent lines and it went great i was able to finally get all the way through the tut. now the problem i am gettin is when i make a...
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    Jagged Lines

    I am using a Mac OSx, Photoshop CS2. I have three car photos and trying to put them together into one. I have taken out the backgrounds and combined the 3 and have horrible jagged lines on two of them, not so bad on the third. I sent it to be printed at 11x14, terrible results. On the...