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  1. MaloriRae

    Specific Can anyone Photoshop Pennywise in with my daughter??

    I took this picture of my daughter and I'd love if someone could somehow PS Pennywise (2017) into the picture with her or photoshop her into a picture of him. If possible, I'd like to have it look like he is facing her a little. I'll attach a couple pictures I've found of Pennywise, but if...
  2. R

    Hi guy can you help?

    Hi, my dog died last year and a few people were kind enough to photo shop him with wings in the clouds. It came out beautifil and my kids loved it. Now my cousins dog Puff passed away yesterday leaving behind 4 grieving kids. Can anyone make puff a angel in the clouds? I know it would bring a...
  3. J

    Photo shop request.

    Hi guys, Could someone please remove that kids arm on the right side of the photo that is sticking up the two fingers? I would really appreciate it. My best friend in the photo passed away and would like to have this photo for the memorial but want to have that arm removed. Also, i was also...
  4. L

    What technique is this and how can I recreate it

    Hi, I coach my son's little league team and last year made posters form all the kids. They loved it. This year however, I'd like to up the game a little and wanted to create something like this...? What is the technique called and maybe how i could go about doing it with pictures of the...
  5. T

    Help with Team photo

    Hello, 2 of my son's coaches and their kids were absent from team photo day. I managed to get them in the picture, but the colouring is all off as the pictures I took of them with my camera was closer and tooka a deeper picture than the team photo sent to me by the photographer. Is there a...
  6. P

    need help putting photos together

    Hi Could some of the experts try and put these photos together, i want the first photo adding to the 2nd and 3rd photo if possible, i know the light isnt good on the first photo compared to the other 2 with the kids on.
  7. S

    Combine Pictures Together

    Could anyone add the picture of the old man/boy to the picture with the two girls? Or add the older wonder woman girl to the pic of the babies? We are trying to make a Christmas blanket and would like all the kids in one pic. Thank you!
  8. B

    please help :)

    Please add boy in pic one to pic two in position 4. Hope this makes sense :) Traditional graduation pic of kids growing up, one son couldnt make it lol
  9. RollTheDice

    Hello! Noob alert

    Whats up everybody! I am a noob at photoshop, but I am good at parenting over 2 kids. Love anime, but gotta watch it at about 10 when the kids are asleep :banghead: but otherwise, a pretty good guy! Just needed help and wanted to chat with others about photoshop. Hope to get better from learning...
  10. Paul

    Kids bike

    The kids have had new bikes, so i got my camera out:mrgreen:
  11. A


    Hello, I'm Max, and I'm a 19 year old student of architecture in Chicago. I'm the offspring of two graphic designers, but none of their photoshop skills rubbed off on me. I'm just trying to figure stuff out, and I'm probably going to ask for a lot of help. I look forward to 'shopping with you...
  12. Paul

    My kids

    I did a spice girls cover with my daughters heads, a bit of fun.