1. A

    help with graphic kit

    Hello My name is Anders, im all new to photoshop. Ive would be so glad if someone like to give me a hint with my problem. tried to google, and youtube, but its not easy when you dont know the name of the thing you want:rolleyes: so, here is my problem, i design graphic kits for dirtbike in...
  2. Z

    Getting used to a New (old) lens

    (images not locally referenced) So Bought a lens from ebay, which i thought was a pretty good bargain... not sure what you guys think It's an SMC pentax 80-200mm f4.5 M lens, roughly 35 years old. got it for £20 expecting a very poor condition lens, but the only gripe to report was the case it...
  3. M

    Help! Searching UI Kit

    Hello, Gurus! So, I need to create web-design for my own site, but when yesterday I instal a Photoshop CS3 - I understand that I can't create a good Interface without any practice! Terrible hard to learn absolutely new program. Maybe you have some kits or packs with free UI? Please me help...
  4. Hoogle

    Automatic minecraft logo making kit

    Ok I have finally made an Action for public use so you can create a minecraft logo with any name I have also provided a kit to download. Everything is done for you just watch the video to see how easy it is. Download the kit here.