1. D

    Layered Silhouette

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew what this effect was called, if anyone knew of a tutorial on how to replicate, or even help me out on what steps to do so. It looks like it's simpler than what it looks like, but I can't figure it out. I'm playing with all of these layers but can't get it...
  2. I

    Filters - looking like painting

    So I have been looking in a facebook group and I came across this image. I knew for a fact that this was a photoshop rendered image to look artistically like a watercolor. the image was actually available as a free desktop wallpaper. The moment I looked at it I knew where it came from because I...
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Art Deco House

    A Blender 3D work, with which I had a lot of fun, but also had a lot of obstacles to overcome. Maybe I have exaggerated a little here. But as you know the Art Deco time period is well known for its exuberant shapes. The result looks more like a headquarters of a private bank or the like. At...
  4. U

    How do I create this popular lettering effect?

    Hey photoshop masters, So I see this effect quite a lot on Instagram and Facebook and I wish I knew how they do it: do you have any idea or tutorial for that? thanks :wink:
  5. R

    It's the End of the World As We Know It

    After eight years of countless tutorials and incessant toiling to improve my Photoshop proficiency, along comes the 2016 Celine ad campaign featuring a deliberately inept photo montage that any beginner could achieve on the first try. Who knew that five minute’s experience with the Quick...
  6. P

    Can someone help me edit (remove stuff from a picture) ?

    can someone help me out to remove some elements from a picture? i would do it if i knew how. if any of you guys can help please pm me. thanks in advance
  7. M

    Thought I knew

    The new guy, intermediate. Been in PS for several years along with AI in architectural renderings and diagrams. Detail like this is a whole new bag. Macro to Micro. Spent 45 mins. explaining every aspect of the picture and what I was trying to achieve. Hit Submit New Thread button and was...