1. Grayson Smith

    Replace Sky/Add Mist

    Post your favorite ways to replace the sky and add mist/fog
  2. M

    Water effects

    Hi guys I've been working on this image for a week or two, and I'm getting a bit stumped with certain elements. particularly some effects with water In my head, I'm imagining water coming the side of the machine and falling waterfall style to the lake below. the problem I have is that either...
  3. hershy314

    1800s Farm

    Visiting my Grandpa in Ky. While there we went to an actual 1800's working farm down in TN just past the KY/TN border. It was actually interesting to see. Anyway here are a few pics I took while there. Also some photos of KY Lake and Lake Barkley we passed on the way to the farm.
  4. D

    Twin suns setting over lake

    Hi, This is a manipulation I made,inspired by Robert Chamber's " King in Yellow. " I was going for a scary, otherworldly effect. Combined 2 pics (lake and sky) then played around with gradient maps for the color. Finally used a brush and blur for the suns. Comments and critiques welcome !