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    Hi all, I'm Mark a 45 year old from Liverpool. Been taking photo's for about 12 years. Mainly into Military Aviation, but also shoot Landscapes, ships and Cityscapes amongst other things. Just signed up for PS CC and i'm loving it!!
  2. M

    Help to understand how they did!!!

    Hi guys and ladies, I hope that someone can help to understand how they create the effects of doing grass and trees in this masterplan. I spent a couple of hours in trying to figure it out but with poor results.:banghead:
  3. N

    Happy New Year all from ntgg!

    Been hacking away at PS for a long time....always love to see all the gorgeous creations people make in PS! I like to enhance photos Park Condo, Naples FL Ocean Grill Vero Beach FL Ambergris Cay Belize Ft Pierce FL Inlet Library Poster trying for the AE Bean Backus pallet knife...