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  1. I

    Loading Photoshop versions

    I have design standard 5.5 loaded on my laptop. What happens if I don't uninstall it and load cs6?
  2. R

    Creating a lightroom/photoshop workstation off the laptop

    Hey, guys. I am a amature photo enthusiast and I am planning to "step up" on my setup -- buy/create a workstation for photo editing -- with laptop at the heart of it. I understand that a laptop display does not render colors accurately -- I plan to use external displays. Reasonable? So...
  3. Y

    Which machine is better?

    Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to get a second-hand desktop from a family member that seems to have better specs than my current laptop. Before I get it, do you think it would offer a noticeable improvement? If not, I'd rather my cousin take it. Hardware is not my forte. Here's what...
  4. D

    Buying a laptop to use photoshop

    Hello, I'm a total newbie here, thankyou in advance for any advice you have. I'm starting to work as an illustrator. So far all my work has been hand drawn and coloured but it is becoming obvious to me that I need to start working digitally. I have an ancient MacBook which isn't capable of...
  5. G

    Designing on Retina Display

    Hello folks! I just changed my laptop and I bought a Macbook with Retina display. Everything is fine, except the Design related issues. As you know, Retina has a huge display compared to 15'' laptops. All my designs made on my laptop (if you take a look from a normal display, you see them full...
  6. S

    Images posted on web (Laptop v phone viewing)

    Hi all Just a quick one. Whenever Im creating dark designs and upload them on social media I get different shadings when viewd on Laptop/Desktop and phone. When I upload a design on Twitter for example there is no issue viewing on Laptop or Desktop. As soon as I check it on a phone the image...
  7. Tony42

    Help with comic book restoration

    Hi everybody, I have a little project Sometimes I make scans of comics for personnal reading on laptop or tablet, then I sell the book on internet or in a flea market and I keep the digital copy with me. Or on previously years, I bought digital book on specialized site. But this scans need...
  8. Mansson

    Laptop or desktop?

    Hej, I'm about to invest in a new computer. It's leaning towards a laptop this time but I am a bit worried it could affect the ergonomics (i.e. the fact that it is not possible to adjust the screen vs the keyboard). I use a wacom board. Anyone with experience of using both or know the pro's and...
  9. I

    Ideal computer for design and web?

    My current Macbook (Laptop) is slowly loosing life, slowing down and over heating, it can't keep up with the speed I work at on my laptop. So it's time to get a new one, but i'm thinking a desktop would cope with what I do a little better. My idea is to totally wipe out my current laptop and...
  10. P

    New Laptop - How do I transfer settings

    Hi - got a new Toshiba laptop. I currently have Photoshop CS5 on a Windows XP laptop. How can I or where do I find the files I need to copy all my settings, and profiles for PS and bridge to a new laptop with Windows 7. thkx
  11. iNoob

    laptop for photoshop and 3d programs?

    any great laptop for photoshoping and using 3d programs (like C4D) smoothly?
  12. R

    Mac Versus PC for Photoshop... thinking of changing over... advice please

    Will start this entry with "I have NO idea of technology or how computers work".... but I have an entry level macbook which i love, but it is having trouble keeping up with the graphics load since I started PS and stalls alot when I am doing "heavy" graphic work. Had an extra RAM added but...
  13. A

    3D Will this laptop work with photoshop 3d tools?

    Can anyone tell me if this laptop: Tiger Direct CA 6&sku=S445-170017, will work with Photoshop CS5's 3D tools...specifically repousse. Its an i3, 2.13ghz 500gb with Integrated HD graphics. also if you know anything about the laptop...or have any comments/criticism about it please feel free...