1. Z

    Am trying to replcate this photo effect

    Hi Gurus as its Saturday no office and i opened my favorite Photoshop and tried to replicate a photo effect i come across on a web page.I added and used the photo filter and tried to play with exposure etc...But am close enough.Gurus plz guide me through.Also i attached the original image, my...
  2. R

    Rock star portrait effect -- help?

    Hey! I'm wondering if someone can give me some tips on how to create this effect using a photo. I have a photo of someone that I want to edit to have the same effect as the portraits below. I have gone done a web of effects but it's all too complicated and layered and I'm sure you experts will...
  3. gedstar

    Design-Ready Objects for Adobe Photoshop

    Not sure if anybody has come across this site, if not it's worth checking out, it's completely free. Download powerful objects as PSDs complete with Selection Masking, Layered Lighting, Independent Shadow, and Depth Layer.
  4. Y

    How to make gifs layered on top in one gif?

    I want to make gifs like these... How do I get them layered onto one like that?
  5. Paul

    Mrs Clinton

    Just working off another members theme of the darkside (not Jedi). Manipulated stock image of her. Then i layered her into the creepy vintage image. Original image of Mrs Clinton