1. Clippingworld

    New participant! wants to learn more about design technology.

    Hi, I am a graphic designer. I have started a graphic design business recently. Facing lots of problems initially but right now it's on track. Although, I am a businessman now, my main goal is to learn more about photoshop and its latest technology.
  2. Eggy

    3D Blender - 50s Fighter Jet

    This is one of the many attemps to apply materials with UV mapping. Not perfect, far from..but I learned its not evident to apply a material on a modified shape. I thought lets start with a cylinder and use this cylinder to extrude the wings and tale section in one part. I couldn't find a way to...
  3. S

    Hello How r u

    My names is Sofi Kova u can find me on facebook, i like to photoshop people, like to make them nice))) i just learned photoshop and id like u to correct me , while im gonna send pics before and after
  4. chrisdesign

    3D Diamond Quality Control Unit

    I had the idea for this concept for quite some time, though I couldn't realize it because I was not in a position to build my own steampunk pipes with my current knowledge of Blender. In recent days I have worked hard on this image, learned a lot here, but I had yet to overcome some setbacks...
  5. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Just Want to Say Thank You!

    In the past several days, maybe a week, I've learned so much about Photoshop, much more than I expected I would! I know how to download and install fonts, I've installed and used Pixel Squid which is freaking awesome! I can also make my own backgrounds (did a camo earlier), and I've learned how...
  6. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    Hey guys, I'm Burned Ice and I used to be active on this forum 4 years ago! now thát's a long time ago! It's great to recognise a few familiar names here (dv8_fx, Zeealex, Hoogle,..) I remember when we tried setting up a PS Guru online chat, those were the days :) I learned a great deal about...
  7. D

    Hi There!

    Hi everyone, I'm Diana. I am not a total newbie to Photoshop, but am also far from an expert.. so I don't know what that makes me - haha I used to be very involved in a forum way back, but has been closed down for some time now. I loved everything I learned from it and also the friends and...