1. R

    Hi guy can you help?

    Hi, my dog died last year and a few people were kind enough to photo shop him with wings in the clouds. It came out beautifil and my kids loved it. Now my cousins dog Puff passed away yesterday leaving behind 4 grieving kids. Can anyone make puff a angel in the clouds? I know it would bring a...
  2. S

    Beach fix

    Could someone please remove the lady ahead and to the left of the three of us? And then, please remove the writing on my daughter's purple tank top, leaving it all purple? It would be great if you could remove the writing from the reflection as well? Thanks!
  3. B

    Can someone help me with a small project please ?

    Ok so in my communication class we have to make a presentation for an ad. We need to draw/photography/photoshop an ad. I cant do anything so I'm asking you to please help me ! It's pretty simple, I need to represent in two pictures side by side a car leaving a kid behind and a car leaving a dog...
  4. RobertsDigital

    How do I crop an image diagonally?

    Hello guys forgive my ignorance I'm kinda new with photoshop. I got this image: I'd like to crop off the image from point A to point B, so that The triangle A, B and C disappears leaving the rest of the bar. Secondly I'd like to place this on top of another picture. All help appreciated Thanks
  5. H

    My Rectangular Marquee Tool is leaving selections all over the place

    My Rectangular Marquee Tool is leaving selections everywhere and the selections are weird with squares in the corners at times. It also seems to have a history so when I Ctrl+Alt+Z it goes back to the previous selection. I have new selection enabled but I still get this problem and it is...
  6. D

    Color change request

    I have 2 requests. Change the car color to white leaving the top blue and wheels blue. 2nd change the color to white leaving the top blue and changing the wheel to white.
  7. pslane

    Illustrator need a perspective editing tool

    Good Saturday to you. I am making a ribbon trailing from a bow and the tool I need is a perspective tool to get the top corners to draw inward, leaving the bottom as is. I can't seem to find the tool for that. Can you help? Thanks, pslane