1. K

    Knife edit #4

    hello can anyone please help me to label the length of the knife in the first pic in a very creative way.Thank you!! �� Mod Edit: please upload your picture directly unless it exceeds the maximum size for this forum! (3500 X 3500 px)
  2. K

    hello can anyone please help me to label the length of the knife in the fi

  3. gedstar

    Adobe Reduces Length of CC Free Trials from 30 to 7 Days

    Don't think this will go down to well http://prodesigntools.com/adobe-cc-7-day-free-trials.html
  4. Z

    Getting used to a New (old) lens

    (images not locally referenced) So Bought a lens from ebay, which i thought was a pretty good bargain... not sure what you guys think It's an SMC pentax 80-200mm f4.5 M lens, roughly 35 years old. got it for £20 expecting a very poor condition lens, but the only gripe to report was the case it...
  5. N

    Background problems

    Hi, Perhaps is a small introduction for a newbie on this forum (like me) a good idea: I'm a Beglian chemical engineering student and I'm building my first website, but unfortunately I've stumbled upon a BIG problem. Like you can see, I use a picture as a background: a paper "glued" to a a...
  6. K

    Automating tasks for technical specs/brochures

    Hi Gurus, Programmer here. I've been asked to do technical spec brochures for the company. Considering I'm not good at photoshop at all, I'd like to do automate as much as possible and have to do the least amount of manual work possible and make a template completely reusable. I need these...