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    Please remove people in background and also blonde lady in leopard blouse

    Could someone Please remove people in the background and also possibly remove long-haired blonde lady (2nd from right) in leopard blouse? If possible, Thanks so much!
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    CS 8 recently quitting in Snow Leopard

    Dear All Anyone else out there having this problem. Up to now everything had been running smoothly and then suddenly...... we get the "quits suddenly" straight after opening. Running on Snow Leopard. - For info no new fonts or filters or any other add ons introduced recently so isn't a new...
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    Removing Leopard Skin

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can help. I am using Photoshop Elements Editor 12 and want to be able to remove a leopard skin pattern dress colour and change it to a simple black or navy. I attach a small extract of the pattern. I want the image to look realistic, not a blank colour block...
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    Help with Leopard like eyes please.

    Hi, I've been working on this picture for a few hours. I can't get the eyes of the guy to look like the eyes of the Leopard. Here is the session file. Please help and send it back to me. Thank you. -Andy