1. A

    Hello From Seattle, WA

    HI everyone, First time visitor / member. i have been an amateur photographer since high school and will always be an amateur. I enjoy architectural, nature and family (my own) photography. I have tried my hand at HDR with pretty scary results for the most part. Most of my (very limited)...
  2. T

    HI Guys / Girls looking to improve my limited knowledge

    HI Guys/Girls looking to improve my limited knowledge Thorrrr is from the UK and can see we have some very experienced people here and looking forward to upskilling myself and eventually pass it back to newbies in the future
  3. B

    Hi guys!

    I'm looking for some help finding some resources and willing to share my limited experience when it might be helpful to others! Cheers to all!
  4. D


    hello PSG. i was just wondering if this is possible to restore to its original quality as seen on the photo BORDER. I would be very grateful if somebody could advise me of HOW. i am of limited skills, so here is hoping it can be done. I am wishing to keep all the photo and not crop it. i am new...
  5. chrisdesign

    3D Font Free

    Anyone interested in this very special font. Free download (limited version).
  6. chrisdesign

    3D Floating Spheres

    Reflections are always tricky. On 3D objects like in my composite I found it almost impossible to get them right. It's done with Photoshop 3D tools. Loading the texture of the BG to the sphere is not a problem, but to adjust the UV features, there is a lot of guesswork involved. But maybe the...
  7. Jessicayla

    Digital Portrait / Painting

    Took an extended break from art during Thanksgiving week (because Fallout was too tempting), so this is my first finished piece in a while. Used a limited color palette and I liked how it turned out :)
  8. I

    Creating Backrounds/Compositions

    Hey guys I really want to learn how to create backrounds like this and the basics for creating Backrounds anyway I want, I don't want to be limited so how do I do this?