1. O

    Greetings from Lagos, Nigeria

    This is Oriiz from Lagos Nigeria coming on board Photoshopgurus
  2. R

    Hello to all

    Been using photoshop in some way or another for over 15 years and I credit it to providing a decent way of living. While I think I know a lot about PS, always looking for the next trick / method. Looking forward to learning from the best !
  3. E

    Lets talk about making a living from photoshop

    Hello. Photoshop is a great and powerful tool. You can create any picture with a creative ability. A lot of effects and possibilities. Today with the internet it is possible to make a living through the internet. Lets talk a little bit about how one can make a living from creating pictures with...
  4. ibclare


    I am going to apologize before I even begin this thread. I love grammar - having grown up in a very politically and grammatically correct home. So sue me! Malaproprism is a word which combines the prefix "mal-," suffix "-ism," and the operative word, "appropriate." There are several...