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  1. Pipsmom

    High Sierra and well intended helper

    Oh we really do need a space for moaning and venting computer headaches don't we? Never ever let a well intended family member touch your computer I say :bustagut: Out of the blue my hubby decides late last night to be a help me and installed the new High Sierra to my Mac since he had...
  2. J

    SOS Man needs shirt

    Hey all, I'm wondering if someone can Photoshop out my husband's belly by making his shirt appear longer. Also, I have some serious red eye going on... Could that be fixed too? Thanks for the help!!
  3. L

    Lighting Effects under Rendering is no longer there in CS5 on a Mac

    Hi, it has been awhile since I have needed to use Lighting Effects on my Mac using PS CS5, but I discovered that it is no longer there. I Googled it and some of the suggestions were that it will only work if you use 32 bit mode and 8 bits/channel. I tried that but it didn't re-appear in my...
  4. J

    Photoshop won't open

    All of a sudden Photoshop will not open. I usually print my photos after opening the thumbnails in PICTURES with Photoshop CS6. This is no longer possible. Why? Thanks in advance for helping an elderly Photoshop newbie. Joe
  5. TripleYoThreat

    Smart Guides During Proportional Free Transform

    Hi, I'm basically trying to resize an image to fit my canvas. When I drag the corner and hold shift to do it proportionally, the smart guide no longer shows to line it up to the canvas. If I do not use shift, it is there, but it is no longer proportional. I was thinking it has to do with the...
  6. Paul

    Image deletion question.

    When i open my images folder in Photoshop and i want to delete some files i no longer require how can i turn off the 'are you sure' question for removal if at all?
  7. gedstar

    Slightly harder before and after

    This one took a little longer to do Before After
  8. Z

    Getting used to a New (old) lens

    (images not locally referenced) So Bought a lens from ebay, which i thought was a pretty good bargain... not sure what you guys think It's an SMC pentax 80-200mm f4.5 M lens, roughly 35 years old. got it for £20 expecting a very poor condition lens, but the only gripe to report was the case it...
  9. IamSam

    Your opinion of Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.3

    I'm not one for upgrades. When an OS is working well with the hardware you currently have, upgrading can often be a disaster. I have recently been considering a video editing program to help me with creating video tutorials. The program I want requires Mac OS 10.9 or better............. Mac OS...
  10. M

    TerryC is no longer with us

    I know its been a while since I have been on her. I came here originally because of TerryC, AKA FROG. He passed away on Monday. I know he liked this place because of the people. I know he will be missed. He was a great man.
  11. M

    Brush size on keyboard no longer working

    Hi, I have just bought a new imac. I am having problems with the keyboard for adjusting the brush size (for eraser/clone stamp/brush etc) I used to use the ][ keys for this but they no longer work, i've tried just about every combination under the sun using the shift, command or alt keys but...