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  1. Jerry D

    It's Time

    I think if the POTUS can have fake magazine covers, I can ,too... :naughty:
  2. Eggy

    Challenge #39: PSG, The Magazine

    Alright, time for challenge #39. This will be quite a simple one: Imagine PSG has his monthly 'glossy' magazine. It's up to you to design the cover of the august 2016 issue, summaries included in full size ect... Good luck. Please post your submissions in this thread...
  3. T

    Graphic River Mock Ups - Photoshop customisable how?

    Hi all, Thanks for checking out my question. I have been using mock ups from Graphic River for quite some time now and really love the way they work whether its for folio or presentation work. Sometimes though I can never find what I am looking for exactly and seeing that I can create in 3D...
  4. M

    Magazine ready cover design just for you

    This is my first visit and I'd like to give a gift to the members of the Forum It's a magazine cover design, open source, my own work, you can change the phrases, fonts, picture and it will be yours, I used coreldraw x4
  5. E

    Favorite Offline Photography Magazines?

    Hello All, My daughter is a budding photographer and I wanted to get her a subscription to an offline/hard copy photography magazine. Any favorites? Ideas? Thank you, edsager