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  1. P

    What effect is used

    I wondered does anyone know what effects are used to make the main photo in the background appear this way?
  2. C

    Photoshop Image Request - $15

    Hey Guys, I have a photoshop request. I have attached 2 pics that I would like to make into 1. Using the picture titled "Main" I would like to crop out the guy in the orange jacket. And in picture titled "Secondary" I wore a yellow flag, which I forgot to wear in the "Main" pic. I would like...
  3. X

    layer filled with gradient: the thumbnail shows the gradient and the image is tranpar

    Hello, I am newbie in photoshop I created a layer that I filled with a gradient. While the layer thumbnail shows the good gradient image, the main image is transparent. I noticed also that the rgb chanels thumbnail are transparent. How can I make the gradient color appear on the main image ...
  4. A

    Arran from the UK

    Hi My names Arran and I have used Photoshop for many years but always on a pretty basic level. Hope to learn a lot more now. My main hobby is creating stencil art and for that I use Photoshop to prepare the multiple layers ready for cuttin and painting. Thanks for having me Arran
  5. N

    change the main colour of a photo

    Hello.. Can you change the main colour of these 2 Photos from Black to Navy Blue. Adidas Logo, Stripes and Details stay in White. Thank you very much,
  6. fabbi94

    Design for logo and business card - for a StartUp

    Dear all, we are a StartUp from Germany and we like to start our business next month. To do this we need a logo and business cards who looks brilliant. :) To cut a long story short, we need a logo with our company name (first word in green second in grey or another correlating color) and a...
  7. N

    change the main colour of a jersey

    Hello......... can someone do this for me please?? I want to change the main color of Xavi Jersey (left) from Red to white i also want to change the color of Adidas Logo and Stripes and No.8 and the side long line from gold to red please thank you very much
  8. S

    Different color request?

    I'm looking at getting the plane repainted. I have found this paint scheme that I really like. Could anyone try some different color schemes? Maybe a royal blue main color with other combinations, or whatever, whatever color schemes would work? Any help would be much appreciated
  9. D

    How to save a GIF cinemagraph?

    What are the steps to save save a GIF cinemagraph? - I am a noob at GIFs. The GIFs I have are made with one main image (the first one), and then the next 150 frames are of what little motion there is in the image. What I am getting is a quick flash of the main image, then just the masked...
  10. J

    Background Hue / Subject stands out???

    I want to be able to recreate my wrestling team's photos to look like the main photo on (shown below)... I have been able to remove the backgrounds and make it look like a black and white image in the background and the main subject is color, but do not know how to give it...
  11. R

    How to use the main menu functions in Photoshop CS3

    I am having trouble in ps cs3 to use the main menu functions? how can I access those please. If someone can help me it would be great thanks!
  12. R

    Need to blend backgrounds without effecting main images

    Hi, I have an image of one product with a shadow and need to copy the productto the left, blending in the black background, but keeping the shadows under eachproduct. I have tried various different things, but don't seem to be getting very farbeing a novice. You will see the desired...