1. Evil Nemesis

    Oval / Long shape face makeover ideas

    What are some tips and tricks in ps to for a good looking makeover. I tried here but I still think I couldn't go for better color choices and even though I tried very hard but it still looks strong to me. (Check attached image) Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
  2. alixman96

    I like retouching too (extreem make_over)

    i feel like i post too much in a little time :cry: but who cares i love this fourm any ways i dont only like transforming stuff i like retouches too but this one is not a retouch its an extreem make over feel free to comments and suggestions:shocked:
  3. Hoogle

    beauty makeover video and a layers video tutorial

    learn the best method to make yourself look beautiful in this video Ok this is just for fun
  4. Hoogle

    before and after makeover

    here we go we will try again without images being huge here is a cropped version