1. gedstar

    Just playing around in PS

    Before and after using displacement maps in PS never really tried it before
  2. Eggy

    3D Using CG materials for real Blender

    This is why I started Blender: I've been messing arround in Blender in an attempt to master the interface and idea of Blender. I could get on making composites and try to make them as real looking as possible or moving to the next step, using CG materials. It is not enough to 'dress' a...
  3. nffox007

    Vector maps of countries and cities?

    Hey guys! Let me introduce myself, my name is Cyril, I draw vector maps and now we have a small library of free to download vector maps of different countries and cities in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw format, can I post some links here, or where can I upload the archives?
  4. T

    Color warping effect help needed

    Hello, Does anyone know where to find a tutorial on how to make the following effect? Stretching/warping pixels in controlled patterns. I've tried using displacement maps but really no luck yet. I am looking for (if any exists) alternative ways to doing this. Thank you.
  5. Tom Mann

    A nice hike and the first snow of the season for us

    Inspired by the challenge thread about a winter without any snow, I decide to post some actual photos (not composite images) of what the very first snow of the season looked like in this area. Yesterday, a friend and I took a nice 7 or 8 mile afternoon hike on the Appalachian Trail just north...
  6. A

    Blending Height maps Techniques

    Hello, I'm looking get some suggestions on how i can blend together two height maps, which are grayscale images that can build terrains or models using color value. I have place to different height maps side by size and I want to blend the seams so that when the model is created there is not a...
  7. Tom Mann

    Gone fishin' (...hiking, actually)

    Headed south last weekend, meeting up with some friends and heading north next weekend. Should be around during the week. The only camera I brought was the one in my iPhone cuz it also has all my topo maps, GPS, and serves as an emergency communications device -- what a great invention! Tom M
  8. Z

    Using Bump Maps For "added effect"

    Okay, so normally(no pun intended) I use normal maps for 3d models that need a teenie bit more detail here and there. but to be frank, I never actually tried to use a bump map on a general image, and the curiosity got the better of me. The normal mapping tool I used is something called Quixel...
  9. D

    How to create height maps - craters!

    Hello again! :) How would one go about creating height maps like the one below? I'm wanting to use a few of these to create some craters - would be used in Mudbox and 3D Max as displacement maps. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks! Daf