1. Pipsmom

    Composite Fantasy Manipulation Play

    ChrisDesign inspired me yesterday with a master piece he did in Blender..... so that set me off to try and do something Arty in Photoshop. Not as good as his...and still not satisfied with reflections but it was good practice......But boy did I have fun experimenting with blending I encourage...
  2. F

    After Effects Extremely frustrated with AE and Adobe Support - problems with rendering

    edit: disregard I found the problem. thanks!
  3. M

    How to get this cold Nordic look in Photoshop?

    Hello. I'm new guy. No matter how i make picture, no matter how many different photoshop actions i been trying, still no picture look like those pictures. 1)How is this look or tone called? I know there are like Vintage tone that is kinda pink. Is there name of this? 2)How i get this look...
  4. F

    Action to get hex codes of images?

    Hi everyone I have an interesting puzzle to solve.... not sure if this is even possible. What I have is a bunch of image files, and I need to compile a list of the hex codes of the color used in those files. Is there a way to create an action that finds the hex code and then pastes it...
  5. L

    Help achieving a certain photo effect

    Hiya everyone, I'm new to this forum. I was hoping I could get some help identifying the technique used to achieve an effect in Photoshop like the ones in these images. They are screenshots from a videogame, the photos I will be editing are screenshots from the same game. Hopefully that doesn't...
  6. E

    Urgent: Looking for PS Work (SOS)!

    [[Solution Found]] Sorry for being a drama queen!
  7. Paul

    News of the world.

    Basically take a story from any media outlet and make a mockery of the subject matter - be gentle mind:bustagut: :eek: No need for real quality this is a chop it like you stole it challenge:bustagut:
  8. J

    Subtle noisy halftone pattern

    Hey again guys! Just wondering if anyone could advise here. Been mucking around with halftones today, saw this image posted somewhere previously with the author claiming it was a halftone. From my understanding the halftone patterns look more "honeycomby", made up of lots of gridded dots - this...