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  1. T

    Hello people :3

    I really don't have that good of photoshop skills and I joined to look at how others do their photoshops. So im happy to be here and nice to meet you all :3 :cheesygrin:
  2. D

    Can you please help me edit this picture?

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you :) Can you please help me remove the 3 plates in the picture and also the lady in the back? I'm sorry I don't know how to rotate picture in this post... Thank you so much :D
  3. DaringSerenity

    My name is Katelyn, nice to meet you all!

    Hi there fellow Photoshop Gurus ^^. As the title states, my name is Katelyn, I'm from New Mexico, and I've been using Photoshop since the late 90's. Nice to meet you!
  4. H

    Hello new to the scene

    Hello everyone, I am very interested in learning about photoshop and may be working towards taking classes for it in the future. I have been messing around here and there on my own but I will honestly say i'm not that good at it at all, but again am hoping to get better. It is great to meet...
  5. M

    could someone do this for me please?

    Hi Could somebody please change the back edge of this shape to have fading dots? So that it looks like this: With the dots more dense/ thicker to the left and right but less dense/ smaller where they meet in the middle behind the front edge. Also trying to do the same thing with the...
  6. Mageeec

    hey everyone!

    Hey Everyone! im new here! nice to meet you guys! :cheesygrin:
  7. P


    Hey! I'm Pierce. I'm trying to get into toy-photography as a hobby. Looking for some tips and ways to grow! Other than that, I'm a musician, philosophy-student and a writer. Nice to meet ya!
  8. Marc_Gforce

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, I'm Anh from Vietnam. Basically, I'm a beginner in photoshop so I'd like to learn new things. Nice to meet you!
  9. G

    Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm an italian web designer based in Vietnam, I mostly use Illustrator and Photoshop. Nice to meet you!
  10. J

    3D 3d beatle logo help

    Hello. i'm new to photoshop and i want to recreate the 3d look of this Beatles logo. The text arc, the 'bulge' and particularly the 3d trails that meet at a vanishing point. Any in depth tutorials would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. J


    I'm new to the forum, and pleased to meet you all. :cool2:
  12. Abdou_KRJ


    i searched for a design forum and i found this one, it's a great one, i'm Abdou KRJ from Algeria and nice to meet you guys.
  13. M

    Hi, I'm Mar Ian :D !

    Hello :D . My name is Marian, I want to learn some photoshop design...and I hope I'll find here some tasks for a beginer like me... I'm happy to join the community , and great to meet you all :D
  14. D

    New to the group

    Hi guys, David from South Carolina US.... nice to meet ya'll. :)
  15. K

    Hello Designers :D

    Hi Guys i am ayoub from Morocco UI/UX Designer so Just Joined the forum to share my work with you Guys and my Video Tutorials ! :)
  16. R

    Silviu from Romania

    Hey! Nice to meet you all!
  17. M

    Nice to meet y'all!

    Hello, My name is Steven. I'm a sales rep for Yellowbook here in the beautiful Umpqua Valley of Southern Oregon. When I'm not laying in bed with a broken knee I enjoy camping, hiking, rock climbing, swimming and fishing with my wife and kids. I like using Photoshop to offer my customers a...
  18. Lina_Raphael

    Hi there, Lina Raphael here.. Nice to meet you al

    :) Hi... I am new here. I am a graphic Designer.. Using photoshop daily to help my brother with his Arabic Calligraphy design business.. Ready to learn a lot from members and gurus here.. Thank you in advance..!
  19. L

    Phantasy photomanipulation. A lion walking to meet his destiny under an alien moon.

    One of my phantasy photomanipulations.