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    Specific Noob loser needs merge pic help

    Noob here. Can some1 take my loser self & insert me into the 1st pic so it looks like I'm her date? Sorry my pic pasted sideways here but tilt it up so im on the right, lookin 3 inches taller than her & you can crop out the bottom if needed so you can insert me towards the top so I'm
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    Merging 2 pictures together for a custom card play mat

    There is a website for making custom card playmats (for magic the gathering, pokemon, etc) and you can upload a custom image to have your own printed. The play mat (and image) needs to be 24 inches wide, and 14 inches tall, at 150 PPI I would like the 2 images blended into one another forming...
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    problem in merging two layer

    I want to merge two layer. layer 1 contains this picture: layer 2 contains this picture: - after merging: I want to place layer 2 above layer 1. but only the color change. why does this happen?
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    A problem while merging 2 photos together

    I'm trying to merge 2 photos together...a photo of me over a photo of a corridor in a hotel. That's easy enough but the problem is that the pic of me is too bright so I've adjusted the brightness (to make it darker) so it matches the brightness of the pic of the corridor but when I merge the 2...
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    Help with making a picture

    Hey guys, I need some help with making a picture of a dog's face inside a flower. (call it Collie (dog's race) flower.) :) I posted 2 attachments in the post - 1 for the actual dog's picture and the 2nd for the referrence of what I want to make, but I don't know how to make it. If it is possible...
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    when merging poster the title text layer changes look of text

    I have a poster with several layers of pictures and text. When I merge all the visible layers the top two text layers which happen to be the title of the film change in look. Don't quite understand why this is happening. The two layers containing the title text do have a few blending nodes...
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    Merging heads from one picture to another

    Just started using photoshop last night and all these tutorials I've came across don't explain the point vividly enough. What I wanna do is, take someone's head from one picture and "merge" it to body and it must look realistic. I tried with a few pictures already, but the lighting of the head...
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    Merging a bunch of files from 1 folder and auto aligning them

    Hi All I am new to this forum and would like to say hello! before posting a request. Ok..on to the request with a little background about me what I am trying to achieve. Basically every week I am in need of getting around 15 PSD files printed on a textile printer. Now the textile printer can...
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    Batch Merging? Possibly??

    Hi! I'm really new to Photoshop and any help to the issue I'm having would be greatly appreciated. Here is the situation and what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm looking at 100 images inside of a folder in Adobe Bridge. All images are the same size. They are the front and back cover artwork...